The entries for the Rally Italia Sardegna 2024 are now open

Today marks the start of the final phase of preparation for the Italian round of the FIA World Rally Championship, organized by the Automobile Club d'Italia with support of the Regione Sardegna.

Alghero, March 30th, 2024 - On March 30, 2024, the entries for Rally Italia Sardegna 2024 officially open with the online publication of the Supplementary Regulations. Registrations for this twenty-first edition of the event are possible until April 30, with 70 entries being admitted. It is worth noting that, as every year, crews residing in Sardinia will benefit from a 50% reduction in registration costs. Thus, the approach to the 21st Rally Italia Sardegna, an event organized by the Automobile Club d'Italia in partnership with the Regione Sardegna, continues at a steady pace. The race is the sixth round of the FIA World Rally Championship 2024 and is scheduled from May 30th to June 2nd, with the logistical base in Alghero, a renewed route of 266 kilometers of timed stages, collateral initiatives, and the usual spectacular scenery that only Sardinia with its layouts can offer. The Supplementary Regulations, available from March 30 on, detail how to enter the rally via the FIA portal and request press accreditation. Deadlines for media accreditation are May 9th for national media and May 15th for international media.

THE RACE. The 2024 Rally Italia Sardegna, the sixth round of the World Rally Championship, will take place from May 30 to June 2 in Alghero. This year, Rally Italia Sardegna received permission from the FIA to run its 21st edition in a more condensed format, which may be considered by other organizers in the future due to ongoing FIA regulatory changes. The rally comprises three stages, including 16 special stages covering 266 kilometers of timed routes to be completed within 48 hours. Organized by the Automobile Club d'Italia in collaboration with the Regione Sardegna, the event returns to Alghero. It begins on Friday, May 31st, with the shakedown at Ittiri at 8:01, followed by the start of the first leg at 13.30. The race concludes on Sunday, June 2, around 13.00, after the Sassari Argentiera power stage.

INITIATIVES. The RIS Experience initiative also continues this year, offering paid privileged areas for spectators who want to enjoy a special viewing experience. This initiative, which has been successful in past editions, offers three levels: Gold, Platinum, and Black. Additionally, thanks to the renewed agreement with Grimaldi Lines, there are still convenient benefits available. Competitors and spectators traveling by ship to Sardinia for the race can enjoy a 30% discount on routes to Olbia and Porto Torres. These discounts are applicable for bookings made from January 22 to May 28, 2024, for departures between May 20 and June 16. The discounted routes include Barcelona-Porto Torres, Livorno-Olbia, Civitavecchia-Porto Torres, and Civitavecchia-Olbia. Furthermore, competitors and teams will receive discounts on the Genoa-Porto Torres route. For further information, visit the official event website

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Sparco continues the partnership with the Rally Italia Sardegna for the 2024 edition

The collaboration between the Italian round of the FIA World Rally Championship and the leading company in motorsport clothing and accessories marketing will continue.

Alghero, February 9th, 2024 - The Rally Italia Sardegna is excited to confirm that Sparco - a world leader in the field of motorsport apparel and accessories - will once again be an official partner for the 2024 edition, strengthening a collaboration that has been ongoing for many editions and continues to grow year after year.

Sparco will bring its expertise and excellence in the production of high-quality technical clothing directly to the staff of the Rally Italia Sardegna, ensuring that every member of the organization has top-notch equipment to face the challenges of one of the most exciting events in the WRC in the unique and incomparable setting of Sardinia.

Founded in 1977, Sparco has established itself as a symbol of innovation, safety, and performance, becoming a reference point for drivers and motorsport enthusiasts worldwide. With a product range including racing suits, gloves, shoes, seats, and much more, Sparco is synonymous with an incessant pursuit of quality and a distinctive style that perfectly matches the spirit and adrenaline of the Rally Italia Sardegna. The continuous improvement in the quality and performance of the products offered has made Sparco a globally renowned brand, with significant partnerships involving F1 teams, FIA WRC, and other competitions.

Antonio Turitto, General Manager of Rally Italia Sardegna, expressed his enthusiasm for the renewal of this strategic partnership: "The collaboration with Sparco is not only a guarantee of quality for our staff but also a strong message about our commitment to safety and excellence. Each edition of the Rally Italia Sardegna aims to surpass the previous one, and with Sparco, we are sure to offer the best in terms of performance and professional image."

Niccolò Bellazzini, Brand Manager at Sparco, added: "We are proud to extend our collaboration with Rally Italia Sardegna for 2024. This partnership reflects Sparco's dedication to the motorsport world and our passion for providing high-quality equipment for drivers and teams. Rally is where everything started, so it is part of our DNA, and being able to share the journey again with the only Italian round of the FIA World Rally Championship is a natural continuation of a path we hold dear".

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Rally Italia Sardegna: the 21st edition is ready

The 21st edition of the race will be an event featuring 16 special stages and 266 competitive kilometers to be covered in just 48 hours. The location of the event, organized by the Automobile Club d'Italia in partnership with the Regione Sardegna, returns to Alghero this year.

Alghero, 30.01.2024 - The adventure of the Rally Italia Sardegna will continue this year with a compact route based on the new FIA guidelines from 2025, with the entire race condensed in just 48 hours. The Rally Italia Sardegna will return to Alghero this year, with the service park set up, as two years ago, along the waterfront of the Catalan city, and the press room will still be hosted in Lu Qualté, after the experience of the last edition in Olbia.

Four months before the race starts, with the publication of the first official document of RIS 2024, Rally Guide 1, the route that will host the race has been revealed. The rally is again organized as in the past by the Automobile Club d'Italia with the partnership of the Regione Sardegna. The route confirmed the choice of the last seven editions to host the entire race in the north of the island.

The sixth round of the FIA World Rally Championship, valid also for the WRC 2, WRC 3, and Junior world championships, is scheduled from May 30th to June 2nd. There are 16 special stages planned, divided into three legs for 266.48 competitive kilometers, all on gravel. The location returns to Alghero this year, with the service park set up along the waterfront of the Catalan city, as two years ago. The press room will still be hosted in Lu Qualté.

The route.

The 21st Rally Italia Sardegna presents a compact route based on the new FIA guidelines from 2025, with only three days of racing. It starts on Friday, May, 31st, with the Olmedo shakedown (2.14 km) scheduled for Friday morning at 8:01, and then at 13:30, the start of the first leg consisting of 77.82 timed kilometers and four special stages, those repeated twice of Osilo-Tergu - in the long version of 25.65 km - and Sedini-Castelsardo (13.26 km).

On Saturday, June 1st, the second leg, the longest one with 149.36 competitive kilometers, and 8 stages. Those in the morning are repeated twice in Tempio (12.03 km) and Tula (22.81 km). Then, after the Tyre Fitting Zone in Pattada in the middle of the day, the classic special stages of Monte Acuto di Monte Lerno-Monti di Alà (25.17 km) and Coiluna-Loelle (14.67 km) will take place in the afternoon. Finally, on Sunday, June 2nd, the final leg with only 39.30 competitive kilometers, featuring the last two stages of Cala Flumini (12.55 km) and Sassari Argentiera (7.10 km), which will host the final power stage.

The initiatives.

It is also worth noting that this year there will be once again the interesting initiative of RIS Experience, with specific paid privileged areas for those spectators who wish to take advantage of them. This initiative has already been successfully adopted in past editions.

Finally, thanks to the renewal of the agreement with Grimaldi Lines, there will be a special and very convenient 30% discount on the destinations of Olbia and Porto Torres, both for competitors and for the fans who wish to travel to Sardinia by ship to participate in or attend the race. These special conditions can be enjoyed by booking from January 30th to May 28th, 2024, for departures from May 20th to June 16th in the maritime connections: Barcelona-Porto Torres, Livorno-Olbia, Civitavecchia-Porto Torres and Civitavecchia-Olbia. In addition, competitors and teams can also benefit from discounts on the Genoa-Porto Torres route. More information on this is available on the official website of the event

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