01-04 Giugno 2023

Rally Italia Sardegna is ready for its 20th edition

The 20th edition of the Rally Italia Sardegna, the event organized by the Automobile Club d’Italia in partnership with Regione Sardegna, presents some new features and many returns. This year's location is going to be Olbia, while the route includes 19 special stages, three legs, and 334 competitive kilometers.

01.02.2023 - The new logo, the return to Olbia where the race has been fully concentrated again after 10 years and where the Rally Italia Sardegna adventure began in 2004, the confirmation of the special opening in Olbia-Cabu Abbas, the return to Tantariles and the long stage of Monte Lerno (49 km), that of the old stage of Tempio and the power stage of two years ago in Aglientu, are the main novelties of the 20th edition of the Rally Italia Sardegna. Four months before the start of the race, with the publication of Rally Guide 1: the first official document of the RIS 2023, the route that will host the race organized as in the past by the Automobile Club d’Italia with the partnership of the Regione Sardegna has been unveiled. The route will host the entire race in the north of the Island, as in the last six editions. The sixth round of the FIA World Rally Championship, scheduled from June 1st to 4th, will have an itinerary composed of 19 special stages, divided into three legs for a total of 334.65 timed kilometers, all on gravel. This year, the location is returning to Olbia, with the Service Park set up at the Molo Brin and with the press room hosted at the Archaeological Museum.


On Thursday, June 1st at 9:01 the Loiri Porto San Paolo shakedown (3.23 km) will kick off the event, while in the afternoon the Cabu Abbas first special stage (3.23 km) is scheduled for 6:05 pm, like last year. The competitors will spend the night at the Olbia Service Park at the Molo Brin, from where the rally will resume on Friday, June 2nd at 7:40 a.m. The first leg will consist of 6 special stages and 148.74 competitive kilometers. The drivers will compete in the repeated stages of Tantariles (10.66 km) - the same special stage that opened the rally's first edition in 2004 -, Monte Lerno (with its famous jump) in its long version that this time will measure 49.79 km, and the Terranova (13.92 km). Both at mid and end of the day the crews will head into Service Park at the Molo Brin in Olbia. On Saturday, June 3rd,

the second leg will be on the roads of Monte Acuto and Gallura, with 8 special stages (four to be repeated twice) and 136.60 kilometers of timed racing. It will start with the classic stages in Monte Acuto of Coiluna-Loelle (16.33 km) and Su Filigosu (19.49 km), then will continue in Gallura with the stages of Tula (22.39 km) and Tempio (10.09 km), with the latter following the same itinerary of 2005. Drivers will go into service at the Molo Brin at mid and end of the day. Finally, on Sunday, June 4th, four specials stages for a total of 46.08 kilometers will take place in the north of Gallura: two passes at Braniatogghiu (15.25 km) and in the Aglientu power stage (7.79 km), which will be broadcast live on TV all over the world at 12:18. Then, we will finally know the name of the winner of the 20th edition of the Italian round. The winner will dive into the water in Olbia's harbor with the whole team, as per the tradition of the Rally Italia Sardegna.


This year the RIS Experience initiative will be proposed again, with special privileged areas for paying spectators; an initiative that was already successfully adopted in previous editions.

Finally, thanks to the renewal of the agreement with Grimaldi Lines, there will still be special benefits on the destinations of Olbia and Porto Torres for both competitors and the spectators who will travel by ship to Sardinia to participate or attend the race. These special conditions can be enjoyed from February 1st to May 28th, 2023, by booking for departures from May 22nd to June 18th for the following sea connections: Barcellona-Porto Torres, Livorno-Olbia, Civitavecchia-Porto Torres, Civitavecchia-Olbia. In addition, competitors and teams have also a discount on the Genoa-Porto Torres route. More information will be available soon on the official website of the event.

The staff of the Rally Italia Sardegna would like to express their congratulations to Alessandro Alunni Bravi, the new Team Principal of Alfa Romeo Formula One. Alessandro was part of the organizing staff in the first two editions of the event, in 2004 and 2005.

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